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Direct Artist Management is a full service talent management group representing some of the most exciting talent in digital and traditional spaces. We use our experience to help our clients build their brand, connect with sponsors, and define our client’s longer-term goals across music, film, television, touring, merchandising, endorsements, books, social media, and more.

We believe the entertainment business is too often a wild frontier full of grey areas and bad practices. We want to change that. We strive to operate with transparency, honestly,  and forward­ thinking. We want to do right by our colleagues, partners and talent by putting their needs before our own.


We pride ourselves on being the most accessible managers we can be, and doing our best to stay in touch every day and always available to answer questions. We strive to cultivate an open, honest and rewarding relationship with every one of our partners and clients.


We’ve been in the game long enough to know that nothing is for certain. Knowing this, we try to offer our comprehensive consulting that doesn’t shy away from the finer, more unpredictable elements. Whether working with a corporate client or an individual, DAM will work with you to decide what’s good and bad for a project. We’ll be honest, even if that means giving out clients an answer they don’t want to hear and sometimes admitting we don’t have an answer.


We have an amazing team of in-house and freelance creatives in graphic design, animation, sound design, video production and creative consultants who can develop part, or all, of any campaign we work on. We are fully outfitted to provide you with support at every level, from idea to finished product.

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